AClin Microbiology

AClin Microbiology

AClin Microbiology is a dedicated directory listing contact details of specialist University centres, conferences and clinics to help students, professors and professionals in the study of microorganisms and disease.

The Association for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine (ACB) is a UK learned society that aims to cultivate and promote research within its academic field.

The Centre for Clinical Microbiology at University College London (UCL) is a renowned research institution which studies diseases, publishes peer-reviewed material and runs trials through the Royal Free Hospital.

Clinical Microbiology and Infection is a scientific journal which covers a wide range of topics including laboratory trials, DNA research and microbe analysis. You can call their contact numbers to renew your subscription, to ask about a particular published paper and to get technical support with accessing their website.

Call the Health & Care Professions Council (HPCP) on their UK telephone number for enquiries about registration, and the fee charged when doing so.

The Journal of Clinical Microbiology is a renowned peer-reviewed magazine which details medical and laboratory research into the field of public health, you can contact them to renew your subscription and for technical support accessing their papers.

Alternatively, you can contact the Journal of Medical Microbiology offices on their UK phone number for any information about author contributions and subscriptions.

You should contact the University of Leeds on their undergraduate enquiries number to discuss how to apply for a place on their B.Sc. in Microbiology over the phone.

The School of Life Sciences at the University of Liverpool is a Russell Group affiliated student teaching and microbiology research centre, you can call this helpline for admissions enquiries and for details about their clinical studies.

Call the University of Cambridge on their undergraduate admissions contact number to book a place at an open day or request a course prospectus over the phone.

Contact the University of Manchester on their UK phone number to enquire about the entry requirements for their microbiology courses, to book student accommodation and for information about their open days.

The Open University runs clinical microbiology courses for those who prefer flexible learning therefore you can call their telephone numbers for their admissions requirements and to contact your academic advisor.

The Blizzard Institute at Queen Mary, University of London teaches an esteemed MSc in Clinical Microbiology, you can call their enquiries number for information about entrance requirements and course content.

The University of Oxford’s Medical School produces industry leading Microbiology research, you can call this number for enquiries the admission process for  their undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

You can call the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Reading for questions about BSc Microbiology admissions, or to book a place at an open day prior to making an application.